Sugarloaf Showdown rules:

$250 entry fee before Oct. 31 (2 or 3 person team)

$300 entry fee after Oct. 31 (2 or 3 person team)

Fishing hours 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM

Participants may leave Sugarloaf Marina by any means (car or boat) no earlier than 7:30 AM and can begin fishing immediately after departure. Participants are allowed to trailer and launch from anywhere provided one member of the team leaves from Sugarloaf Marina no earlier than 7:30. Lines out is at 4:00 PM, and at least one team member must return scoresheet and photographs to Sugarloaf Marina no later than 5:30 PM.

Score sheets are not accepted after 5:30, and there is a 150-point penalty for teams failing to return at least one team member and their scoresheet before 5:30. Photos must be shown to the scorekeeper at the time of check-in.

Spin and fly tackle allowed, though there will be separate divisions for spins and fly. The awards will be divided into three categories: Spin, Fly, and Youth Division. A team may compete across divisions, though the points in one may not be applied to any other. Youth, however, are by default included in the Youth Division due to their age and will therefore be allowed to place in the Spin Division in the event that their scoring total allows it. It is important to note that in this event IGFA rules apply to all fish caught, and that there will be no allowance or exceptions in the Spin and Fly Divisions under any circumstances.

Spin division: No chumming, and IGFA rules apply.
Fly Division: Fly only, IGFA rules apply
Youth Division: Children 12 and under may compete.
Scoring for all divisions is as follows:
Permit: 350 points-no minimum size
Bonefish: 100 points- no minimum size
Barracuda: 100 points – MINIMUM SIZE 30 inches, to be verified with the scoring stick provided. Artificial only.

Only one rod per angler may be fished at a time. No handing off of the rod once a fish is hooked.

There is a maximum of three fish per species allowed to be scored per day per division. Youth Division species limit is included in Spin Division. Winners in each division will be determined by the number of species first, then by total points. Species and point totals for both days are added together.

All fish must be photographed. Only barracuda photos must display fish with the provided measuring device. All fish should be photographed in water and minimal handling is encouraged. Participants are encouraged to “Keep 'em Wet” when taking photos. Teams must provide their own photographic device. This is a team tournament. Only 2 people are allowed to fish. This can be 2 anglers (one poling with the rod, one on the bow) or an angler and the guide. The guide cannot fish if there are already 2 anglers fishing (a 3 person team).

In the event a guide or angler is limited by physical disability, allowances will be made by the rules committee to accommodate the ways in which the individual(s) fish. These allowances will be made on a case-by-case basis, with an emphasis on allowing anglers to compete.


2023 Scorekeepers:


Celia Tolle

Brian Stilley

Jessyca Garlock