Sugarloaf Showdown rules:

$250 base entry fee (2 or 3 person team)

Fishing hours 7:30 a.m.-4 p.m. Participants may leave Sugarloaf Marina no earlier than 7:30 am and can begin fishing immediately after departure. No fishing after 4pm is permitted and participants must return scoresheet to Sugarloaf Marina by 5:30. Score sheets are not accepted after 5:30. There is 150 point penalty for participants failing to return scoresheet before 5:30

All tackle allowable. Bait or artificial allowed for bones and permit. Only artificial permitted for barracuda (no trebles).

No chumming.

Species: Barracuda (3 per day) must be over 30"; bonefish (3 per day); permit (3 per day). No size restrictions for bonefish or permit. Barracuda measured from tip of nose to tip of tail with provided measuring device.

Two different scoring levels (fly, everything else) but all compete in same division.

Scoring: Spin - Barracuda 100 pts; Bonefish 100 pts.; Permit 300 pts
                Fly - Barracuda 300 pts; Bonefish 300 pts; Permit 650 pts

Scoring fish can be upgraded. In other words, if a team catches a particular species on spin, it can later be upgraded them with higher scoring fly-caught fish of the same species.

All fish must be photographed. Only barracuda photos must display fish with provided measuring device. All fish should be photographed in water and minimal handling is encouraged. Participants are encouraged to "Keep em Wet" when taking photos. Teams must provide their own photographic device. Photos need to be provided via camera with memory card or text/email via mobile device.

Competition is open to all.

This is a team tournament. Only 2 people are allowed to fish. This can be 2 anglers (one poling with rod, one on bow) or an angler and the guide. The guide cannot fish if there are already 2 anglers fishing (a 3 person team).

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